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About Full Economic Citizenship

Full Economic Citizenship (FEC) is one of Ashoka's global initiatives striving to enable an environment where every citizen has the opportunity and the capacity to exercise his or her economic, social and cultural rights.

Ashoka's goal is for every individual to have the ability and choice to play a role in local and global economies, as consumers, producers and creators of wealth.


To achieve FEC, a citizen must at a minimum have access to the essential products and services – food, water, housing, energy, health, education, financial. Through system change innovations, Ashoka seeks to end the exclusion of two-thirds of the world's population from global markets and to catalyze government, business and CSO actions that will create the enabling conditions for everyone to exercise Full Economic Citizenship.

Valeria Bundinich, Chief Enterpreneur of Full Economic Citizenship
Ashoka's Full Economic Citizenship